Metavisio Is A Philosophy, Concept & Approach That Delivers Results.
Metavisio began when Thaddeus, Kurrin, and Bob met while obtaining MS degrees from the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). After spending time in various industries, each noticed that companies face many similar challenges. These realizations, combined with the philosophy that successful implementation is driven through organizational acceptance, motivated the men to create a new type of company. In 1998, Metavisio was founded.

Each partner brings important business skills to the table. With Thaddeus' immense conceptualization skills, Kurrin's extensive analytical abilities and Bob's financial expertise, Metavisio is able to help your company capitalize on complex business opportunities.

By integrating process participants, owners, and key decision makers, Metavisio is able to solve complex business problems and implement successful solutions that thrive within your company's culture.

Metavisio is designed to enable your success. Once an opportunity is identified, your company faces three major challenges. "How do I align my people, processes and systems to my mission critical objectives?" "How do I capitalize on these opportunities?" And, "How do I manage and implement the solutions?" Our Organizational Development services help align your resources to your objectives. We use Business Operations Solutions to develop projects that enable you to capitalize on complex business opportunities. Once the solutions are created, our Project Management services manage and implement your solutions successfully.

Our approach is unique. We measure our success by your success. We deliver significant, enduring benefit by developing, managing and implementing the solutions that are right for you.

Metavisio's future is expanding business horizons and creating enduring benefits for our clients.

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