What Industries Does Metavisio Work With?
Metavisio has perfected a set of industry independent techniques that enable us to develop solutions that are tailored to your company's situation. Metavisio has worked on projects in Telecommunications, Engineering, High Technology, eCommerce, and Manufacturing.

Several Small Projects Culminate In A Robust Solution
We often employ several techniques to develop, manage and implement a single set of solutions. Metavisio provides a broad range of services. Each of these small projects can be crucial in developing the infrastructure of successful business solutions.

Small projects include: Business Requirements Documentation, Functional Specifications, Current State Analysis, Project Definitions, Scope of Work, Analytic Metrics & Methodologies, Future State Analysis, Project Planning, Cost Benefit Analysis, Process Training & Rollout, Service Model Optimization, Process Automation, eBusiness Integration, Organization Charters & Job Descriptions, Organizational Design, Scorecard Integration, and Project Implementation.

What Are Some Of The Projects Metavisio Has Done?
The case studies provided here illustrate the depth and scope of Metavisio projects; they are not designed to deliver specific details. Proprietary information, specific numbers, and project particulars are excluded.

Revolutionize Contract Management
Our Client was interested in refining it's contract management system and undertook an effort to use the Internet to facilitate contract administration. The contract management project was a complex multi-faceted project that involved multiple business organizations. Shortly after inception, the project was expanded in scope to include the worldwide implementation of the new process. Proper management of the project required that it be broken down into several development phases. The Net Present Value savings from this project is already well in excess of $1 million dollars.

To learn more about this project, click and download the Contract Management case study in PDF 4.0.

New Metrics Methodology & New Analytic Metrics
Our client wanted to improve production operations visibility. New metrics were required to improve daily process management, facilitate goal alignment, direct process improvement initiatives, and predict financial performance while focusing on customer satisfaction. We analyzed current metrics and methodology, conducted a gaps analysis, and developed a new operations deck. Our client now has a codified metrics methodology that guides new metric creation, and a new set of analytic metrics that drive global, company-wide performance.

Develop Web-based Customer Relationship Management Model
In an effort to retain margin on several low margin/high volume products, our client sought to develop the systems and processes necessary to enable customers to perform self-service on hardware and software. The design of a fully automated service and support structure required the integration of multiple backend systems, including third party systems. The objective of this web-based support model was to completely eliminate all human involvement on the client side.

Shutdown Analysis of Government Copy Center
The copy center of a local government facility had posted significant losses in recent years and was scheduled for shutdown within a year. The objective of the study was to determine why the center was losing money, how the center's losses could be mitigated, and what effects a shutdown would have on the government facility, its users and its employees.

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