We provide the following services:

Organizational Development
Robust business infrastructure is the cornerstone of every capable organization.

Your Benefit ~ An empowered corporate culture, superior decision-making & project selection, improved process visibility, increased productivity, and optimal resource allocation & management are the result of robust business fundamentals.

Metavisio's Toolbox ~ Strategic Business Planning, Organizational Architecture, Business Communications, Charters & Job Descriptions, Global Scorecards & Compensation, Corporate Culture, Analytic Metrics & Metric Methodology.

Business Operations Solutions
Effective, efficient business processes are the lifeblood of every competitive company.

Your Benefit ~ Dramatically increased productivity, tremendously improved process performance, significantly reduced cost, built-in process scalability, and forward-reaching compatibility are achievable through better business operations.

Metavisio's Toolbox ~ Sales & Logistics Automation, Business Process Engineering, Investment Decision Analysis, Production & Service Optimization, Supply Chain Management, eBusiness Integration, and Manufacturing & Workforce Scheduling.

Project Management
Keen project management is a crucial component of every financially successful endeavor.

Your Benefit ~ Complex tasks are broken down into manageable steps, the entire company is properly integrated into the new process, the project is a tremendous success, and the project is completed on-time, under budget, and above expectation.

Metavisio's Toolbox ~ Current State Analysis Cost Benefit Analysis Scope of Work Project Plan Future State Analysis Business Requirements Use Case Scenarios Functional Specifications Development Plan Implementation Plan.

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